25 Reasons to Hire Me

      I suck at lots of things in life but Wedding Photography is not one of them


      1/ Technically and creatively skilled in what I do. I shoot EVERYTHING full manual and I know great light. Which means I will capture the very best of you.


      2/ This girl gets involved and I’m really quite handy. I have sewn up wedding dresses that were too long and put bouquets back together with cocktail sticks when it’s fallen apart. I’ve helped hang bunting and lay out table place names. I’ve run back and forth playing messenger and I have never minded doing any of it.


      3/ Got a laid back approach to shooting. Partly because that’s just my nature and partly because I put a lot of effort and communication into the planning of the day. 


      4/ Stress free and I’ll help you to be! It’s really hard to be around highly strung people for prolonged periods of time. It’s stressful in itself. I have done this so many times that nothing fazes me. I have backups for my backups so there’s no worry in that department and I’m totally comfortable in everything I do.


      5/ Super friendly and personable. I know how to put you and your guests at ease. I understand that we don’t all feel totally cool about a random taking our picture…but I am also there to capture natural moments as the day unfolds so I have a very simple strategy. Take a snap and throw a big smile to show that I recognise them as a human being that may feel a little uncomfortable being photographed by a stranger…..no longer strangers = WINNING!


      6/ Experienced in shooting weddings. With 7 years experience and over 170 weddings, I know how to read moments and anticipate what happens next. I can advise you on timeline planning so your day goes smoothly with no rushing, ensuring you just concentrate on having an absolute ball!


      7/ Your friends and family will love me and you’ll get great feedback the day after. I know this because it is consistently a big part of the feedback I get from my brides.


      8/ I’ll help you with all stages of planning, if you want or need it. I have no issue with you emailing me at 3am because some niggling thing was bugging you and keeping you awake. I may not respond at 3am but you can drift off knowing that I’ll get back to you the following morning with a solution.


      9/ You can feel totally at ease around me on the wedding day because we will have met in person at least 2-3 times before then. Or as many times as you need 🙂


      10/ The engagement session included with all packages not only puts your mind at ease about the photos on the wedding day annnnnd get you a bunch of great photos, you also get to choose one of those images to have on the day as a guest signing frame!!


      11/ My priority is not me. Yes, I do this for a living and yes it pays my bills but my priority is YOU! When we meet for the first time, it’d be great if you book me as your photographer but I am motivated by helping you find the perfect photographer for you. And this is based 100% on connection. If I am not your photographer then you are somebody elses clients and I’m totally fine with that. Luckily out of 170+ in person meetings only 4 people haven’t booked me which means I connect with many different couples and so many different levels so I’m confident that we’ll get on. But if I’m not the one for you and you want help finding the one that is then I’m totally happy advise you on how to get the right person and even to refer you on to some of the MANY talented photographers I know well.


      12/ Great sense of humour. I love a bit of banter but can easily reign it in for those with a more grown up sense of humour. It’s all about being able to read and gauge your audience.


      13/ LOVE a challenge and thrive under pressure so there’s little that throws me off my game at a wedding and in fact I love the fast-pacedness of it all.


      14/ I’ve had guests come up to me on more than one occasion and open with “you REALLY love what you do huh?”. This makes me so happy because it obviously shines through on the day.


      15/ The best compliment I’ve ever had is from a brides friend who said “So how long have you and the bride been friends then?” because this is a testament to just how comfortable the bride feels in my company after only 2-3 meetings.


      16/ I will remember all the important peoples names because I believe this is IMPORTANT. People should know that you value them and this is such a simple way to do that. My other half thinks this is hilarious because on a non-work day I CAN NOT leave the house without forgetting something…..or two or three somethings!


      17/ Massive goofball! As much as I hate to admit it because I’m a bit of a tomboy, I do get proper gushy over love and love stories so you can rest assured I’m invested in your day! Perhaps not quite as much as you guys (because that’d be weird) but I certainly give a sh!t to a marginally inappropriate degree. If I were to list the reasons why I do this, I’m not sure that paying the bills would even find a mention.


      18/ On that note, I will most likely cry at the speeches, and especially at the Daddy/Daughter moments. Maybe this is more of a reason not to hire me……..?


      19/ If you have a problem, at any point in the planning, on the day itself or afterwards…I will be there with bells on and nothing is an inconvenience. In fact, I want you to see me as a friend and to NEVER feel like an inconvenience!


      20/ I’m a real person with 0% interest in sales tactics and 100% interest in you and making your day as easy and as enjoyable as possible.


      21/ Open minded. As far as I’m concerned, love is love and it’s as simple as that!


      22/ I’m of the mind that you should do whatever you damn well please on your big day. You wanna go fully conventional with a huge white wedding? I’m in! You wanna throw tradition out the window? I’m in! Whatever your wedding day looks and feels like? I’m in!


      23/ Flexible, open hearted and adventurous. I’m not into stuffy cliches and I’ll say yes to pretty much anything so never be afraid to make crazy suggestions or requests! Because whatever you’re doing? Hell yeah! I’m in!


      24/ I’m happy and optimistic…can you tell? Life is a rollercoaster and we must enjoy every up and down because it’s all a part of a ride that we just get one go at so let’s celebrate it all.


      25/ I’m confident and whatever happens…I got this!