This evening, about two hours before the sun set, I met the very lovely Anna and Ben at the little cafe situated at the entrance to Blackwood Forest. I was so pleased to meet them here as it was a place I had never heard of let alone visited…despite being less then five minutes from one of my favourite spots for shoots…and instantly I loved it!! With Autumn in full swing, the trees are at that real sweet spot where the colours are just so and the ground sis mothered in a crunchy carpet of bright orange, loveliness!

      As all my couples proclaim, they were a little nervous going into it but they quickly realised it wasn’t so bad and after the shoot I received a sweet message from Anna to say thank you for putting them so at ease! Personally, I could have photographed these two all day long! This pair are so at ease in each other company and so affectionate with one another!! Sadly the sun slipped early beyond the horizon, as it does after the clocks go back……such is the price we pay for the most beautiful light of the year!

      Anyway, enough of my gabbling, here’s Anna and Ben…