Aynhoe Park Wedding Venue


      Aynhoe Park Wedding Venue is arguably the most decadent, kooky and wonderfully weird wedding venue you’ll find anywhere! This is because it’s Georgian walls are filled with antiques, collectibles and a myriad of curios! I have loved it from afar since I began my career into wedding photography, six years ago, and this weekend I was invited inside.

      My couple, Hollie and Aaron are tying the knot here in October this year and, if these shots are anything to go on, it is going to be something else! 




      I was initially quite torn. I felt absolute, unadulterated, childlike excitement at the prospect of shooting at such a bizarre and interesting venue. My inner creative was dancing about like a freakin’ lunatic!

      But I was also totally weirded out! I’m an animal lover and feel very strongly against blood sports of any kind. So, how to feel about the array of stuffed creatures adorning the rooms and walkways?

      However, after speaking with the events coordinator (Emma), my worries were eased. All of the creatures in the collection are antique, and from a time when the species were not under threat. The only exception is the BEAUTIFUL white stag who died of natural causes on the grounds of the house were he spent all his days. They felt he had been a beautiful part of the house and wanted him to remain so, which I thought was quite lovely! None are trophies of the current owner, James, who doesn’t hunt.

      Hollie admitted half way through the walk round that she and her sister are both vegan!! So she had had a few reservations too! But, it seems, the house and it’s owner win the hearts and curiosity in equal measure, of all those who visit.





      Float away with a giraffe. Meet an armoured unicorn sitting atop a grand piano. Curtsey to the king of bears in his silvery crown! Ask Adonis the time from his gigantic clock. I said clock! Take a load off in her royal Majesty’s red leather armchair and have your high tea served by a smiling crocodile. If this appeals to your sense of humour and quirky nature then this is the place for you!




      The House was originally built in 1615 by the Cartwright family and has been updated over the years as each generation adds their own personal touches. In 2006, James Perkins took the house under his wing following the disbanding of the Country Houses Association, which had sadly converted this beautiful building into sets of flats.


      “James Perkins is a restorer of historic houses, a music-industry veteran, a collector and an aesthete.

      In the beginning, Aynhoe Park was supposed to be just one of his restoration projects – a chance to return a classical Georgian country house to its full glory before moving on to the next challenge. He has never left.”

      – Aynhoe’s Website



      Having now met Hollie, I can see a strong and capable woman with an understated, cool style (and the most awesome hair….is it weird that I’m excited to shoot her hair!?? Did I say that out loud?) She’s a mum of three, though you’d never guess it! Her tiny frame is home to a vivacious spirit and a straight talking personality. In short, she’s just my kinda human!

      Hollie and Aaron are planning an ‘enchanted woodland’ theme (LOVE this!!) of white, green and gold. And Owen from Little Lillies will be designing this magnificent scene! As they have a fairly extensive guest list, they’ll be utilising the marquee that the house offers for the wedding breakfast and speeches.



      What better place to create unique and lasting memories than in such a perfectly weird and wonderful location!? This place caters for all kinds of wedding! From enormous parties to intimate gatherings and from classically elegant style to rock ‘n’ roll wild! And having met the adept and super friendly events staff I believe you’d be very well looked after!

      You can host everything in this one location so there’s no stress on the day getting from one venue to another. With seriously ‘aesthetically pleasing’ rooms you can stay over night along with your entire tribe (with room to spare for many of your guests). These spaces provide great light and a gorgeous background for photos. There’s a variety of rooms that can be used for various parts of the day depending on your style and numbers.

      They have and array of options to style your wedding to perfection with plenty of help on hand. The variety of spaces they offer is mind blowing including a basement (dungeon???) after party room that’s akin to something from a seedy film noir but in the coolest possible way! And don’t even get me started on spots for photo ops! It’s actually making my brain melt!

      I think I’ll shut up and let the photos speak for themselves…

      Aynhoe Park www.aynhoepark.co.uk

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