Hollie & Aaron

      Aynhoe Park is a dream wedding venue for couples and photographers alike. It is arguably the most decadent, kooky and wonderfully weird wedding venue you’ll find anywhere! It’s Georgian walls are filled with a plethora of curios! 

      This place really is a myriad of madness and whimsy. Float away with a giraffe. Meet an armoured unicorn sitting atop a grand piano. Curtsey to the king of bears in his silvery crown! Ask Adonis the time from his gigantic clock. I said clock! Take a load off in her royal Majesty’s red leather armchair and have your high tea served by a smiling crocodile. If this appeals to your sense of humour and quirky nature then this is the place for you!

      I have loved it from afar since I began my career into wedding photography, seven years ago, and a few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to spend the day here with Hollie and aaron, their three beautiful children, a guestlist of the nearest and dearest …oh and Craig David who put on an epic performance into the night!



      Hollie found me through their wedding Stationer, Natalie at Especially Made, and we hit it off right away. Hollie is a strong and capable woman with an understated, cool style (and the most awesome hair….is it weird that I’m excited to shoot her hair!?? Did I say that out loud?) Her slender frame is home to a vivacious spirit and a straight talking personality. But she balances it perfectly with kindness and warmth. In short, she’s just my kinda human! Aaron plays at being the more reserved one but that night he was kickin’ that dance floors ass!

      They planned an ‘enchanted woodland’ theme of white, green and gold. Exquisite! And my lovely friend, Owen from Little Lillies  designed the magnificent scene! As they had a fairly extensive guest list, thel be used the gorgeous marquee that the house offers for the wedding breakfast and speeches but every other part of the day happened within the Georgian walls.

      Every part of this wedding was to die for. From the light and decoration of the bridal prep suite to the seemless production of the party and from the weird and wonderful creatures adorning the walls of the ceremony room to the backdrop of this epic stately home for the confetti line (which was the longest confetti line in the history of confetti lines!).

      I was so happy to be chosen to photograph this day not least because the venue has been on my hit list for such a long time but also because getting to know Hollie and Aaron has been wonderful. The words spoken about them during the speeches said it all. They are warm hearted, giving individuals and are very much loved by the people who surround them.

      Don’t weddings just give you warmest, goofiest feeling?

      Venue: Aynhoe Park

      Dress: Berta Bridal

      Flowers: Little Lillies