Lucy & Tim  |  Marrakesh, Morocco

      Beldi Country Club Wedding Photographer


      By some miracle about two years ago Lucy found me on instagram. It was a miracle because I am TERRIBLE at instagram! Mainly because I’m much more of an ‘old school face to face’ connection type and I’d much rather interact with real life humans than my phone! But find me she did! Added to the miracle is that I’m based in Hampshire, she lives in Hongkong and was getting married in Marrakech. Anyway, Instagram algorithms are a mystery to me so we’ll leave it at that! Here’s my work from this gorgeous Beldi Country Club Wedding! Eeeeeee!



      I am so happy Lucy found me because this wedding at the Beldi was a dream to photograph. There’s something quite different about the light in hotter climes. Not to mention the chaos of the local band who had everybody dancing!



      They chose to have an early evening ceremony due to the heat (only 38degrees!!). Upon arrival three hours before kick off I understood instantly why they had chosen the Beldi Country Club Wedding Venue. Not only is this little gem just a few kilometers from the Medina but there are not enough expletives in the dictionary (do they put expletives in the dictionary?) to describe just how freakin’ beautiful this venue is! It doesn’t have a perfectly polished finished, it has rustic touches here and there and that’s what makes it so perfect. It feels completely relaxed but gobsmackingly pretty. Every little corner is carefully curated to look like something akin to a movie set!



      Lucy greeted me with a big warm hug and introduced me to her girls. Whilst they started on their hair and makeup, I ran around the grounds (big grounds…easy to get lost) and got lost but had a ball just photographing all the lovely nooks. I always like to familiarise myself with a place in the morning so I can reccie spots for group photos and portraits later in the day so I already have them in mind. Helps with the flow of things and makes me look like I know what I’m doing 😉


      I gathered up the dress, there wasn’t much to gather up because Lucy is so slim and petite but also because it was super sexy hot and see through!! Amazing! I know that most couples don’t want a gazillion photos of all the details on the day as guests wide open mouth laughing shots are the ones they really treasure! But wedding photography is all about storytelling these days so I think it’s important to get a few nicely put together shots of all your lovely bits and pieces. There’s an air of anticipation in the images where it’s hanging waiting to be worn whilst the bride is elsewhere doing her finishing touches.



      I love it when weddings have so many personal touches; the celebrant was Lucy’s brother! He brought such personality, humour and sincere love to this part of the day. The favours for the guests were tambourines, hand painted by the bride. Not only was this a lovely gift but it also gave the guests something to make a noise with other than their palms, which had a magical something something to it that lifted the atmosphere even further. It also gave everyone something to shake other than their asses on the dancefloor later that night! It was EPIC!


      There was so much to love about this wedding, not least the couples openness to being dragged away for ten minutes at golden hour. As the sun was beginning it’s final descent beyond the horizon, beckoning in the night and cranking things up, ready for a great party we captured some beautiful moments between the new Mr and Mrs!

      Lauren Hughes, UK based, Destination and Morocco Wedding Photographer!