As a Hampshire wedding photographer, I also offer the chance to have an engagement photography session. Also, known as pre-wedding photography. This is taken before the wedding day and has so many benefits. I’m a massive advocate for these lovely things and cannot shut up about all the benefits! And so I offer it with my compliments.

      The shoot can take place at any point before the wedding. We get together somewhere cool – capturing great shots in interesting locations. Think; beach, urban cityscape, woodland, at the fun fair or in a disused warehouse…?? The sky’s the limit!
      The session helps you see how I work. It also gives me the opportunity to see how you guys interact with one another. I can begin to see if you’re comfortable with PDAs or more discreet. I can figure out if either of you is a furious blinker or a little camera shy. By the end of it you won’t mind having your picture take! In fact by the end of the session, people have often done a 180 and suddenly love that lens! Everything I glean from the session, I then take in to the wedding with me. 
      The engagement photography session really does help you guys with any nerves of being photographed before the big day. It’s why I’m such a ‘bat bleep, crazy scream it from the rooftops’ advocate for them! Essentially, we have a giggle for 90 minutes and you come away feeling much more relaxed.
      So I know you better, you know me better, it’s Win/Win.
      You’ll get a gallery to view the images and you can choose your favourite! I can also put together a guest book for the main event using these images for an additional £150. You may not do anything with the photos, but it’s the experience of being in front of the lens and how it helps the wedding day nerves that’s so beneficial.

      By the time your wedding comes around you’ll be so happy and relaxed about the photography that you can focus on enjoying your day.

      Other ideas for your engagement photography include thank you cards, ‘save the date’ cards, and mounted prints for guests to sign at the wedding or as wall-art for your home.




      “You are my greatest adventure.”

      – From Disney’s Up