Jessica and Thom tie the knot in a classy country pub with a warm welcome and a cosy atmosphere 


      I loved shooting the wedding Jess and Thom at the Frog and Wicket last Autumn! In the first few years of photographing weddings I was lucky enough to meet a beautiful girl called Becky who asked me to photograph her big day! Since then I have photographed many weddings within the same circle of friends. They are all externally beautifully and internally wonderful so I’ve been so pleased to be asked each time. All have had very different weddings, in style and feel. Jess and Thoms’ day at the Frog and Wicket was super relaxed and very cozy!

      Dress: Teokath
      Alterations: Nortier Shallow
      Florist: Moutan
      Suits: Black Tie


      The couple have a beautiful home, filled with GORGEOUS light so I was in my element. I carefully selected a few good spots to photograph Jess’ dress and other details and once Jess was in the dress we got a few snaps of the finishing touches.

      The girls had a giggle and few glasses of bubbles to start the day off strong! The atmosphere was relaxed and full of laughter.



      The atmosphere at the Church was a little more staunch but still relaxed as guests tarted to filter in. Thom is a man with a strong and steady personality and a deep kindness that came through in his speeches (that almost brought me to tears!!!). He values family and the relationships with those closest to him and both Jess and Thom have a great friendship group. They are one of those couples that you could only ever say wonderful things about.


      HEADS UP

      Few people know this but many minister can be particular about what the photographer can and cannot do on the wedding day so be sure to check in with them so as to manage your own expectations. It can affect the quality and quantity of images so its’ best to know before hand.

      Some will ask the photographer not to move at all during the ceremony. Other will stipulate no flash and the very, VERY few will ask that no photos are taken during some parts or all of the ceremony. This is all understandable given that it’s a sacred ceremony but it’s just good to know what you should expect.

      In addition, the photographer should always check in with the minister before shooting. It’s courtesy to say hi and ask the rules 🙂



      I just love that bit after the ceremony when any tension in the air and nervous anticipation has dissipated. Everyone feels elated and ready to start celebrating! I always suggest to my couples that they literally run and hide right after the ceremony. This is so they get a few precious moments just the two of them and they have some time to take it all in. In addition, it also means that I can ready the guests for the confetti shot and give them a quick run down on what happens next!

      After the explosion of colour and laughter that is the confetti shot, we ran through the group photo list including the hilarious bridal party. As the guests start to filter away to the Frog and Wicket, the three of us grab a few moments to get some gorgeous portraits in the autumn colour before joining their guests for a fantastic party into the night!



      The Frog and Wicket is one of my favourite venues because it feels both sophisticated and homely at the same time. The wooden barrels lining the walls and the Edison style light bulbs hanging on ropes give it an edge of cool unlike anything I’ve seen elsewhere in Hampshire. Also, the food was awesome and the staff incredibly friendly and welcoming!!

      Enjoy the rest of the photos of Jess and Thoms’ Frog and Wicket Wedding!