I generally photograph the couple, on the wedding day, for no more than around 25 minutes. In my view, your wedding day should be spent making memories with your dearest and weirdest. But 25 minutes is plenty of time to create gorgeous portraits for you. Heads up…they will be the one’s you’re most likely to print and adorn your home with…or stick on a billboard if you so wish! So, they’re well worth doing!

      I usually try to get in a handful of different locations and a great variety of ‘poses’ (ergh that word!) but I’m far from prescriptive. I’ll give direction when needed but this time is, essentially, about you guys just being you. I’ll ask you to walk hand in hand, chatting and taking in the scenery or sit together and canoodle. Occasionally, I’ll make a tit of myself to make you laugh. Rarely, will I ask you to look at the camera. This part of the day is all about creating images that convey the relationship you share and the unique connection between you.