My approach to photography is unobtrusive and low key but I bring an element of fun with my chatty and optimistic demeanour. I’m of the mind that, like the dress, you just ‘know’ when you’ve found the right photographer for you. It needs to be someone you connect with and feel totally at ease with. That’s what’s key….that and the ability to take awesome photos obviously.

      My wedding photography has a fine art style with a contemporary edge and I like to think it’s a little different to the rest because I am truly invested in each of my couples. I only take on a maximum of 25 weddings a year because any more than that would mean that I can’t give each of you the time and investment you really deserve.

      I have a sincere interest in my couples and capturing who you are in the most raw and real way. I’m not into ‘look at the camera and say cheese’. I’m into you completely loosing your sh!t over something so hilarious that all your chins make an appearance at once, and your belly hurts from laughing uncontrollably. I’m into you and your no.1 sharing a private ‘in joke’ during the portraits and them whispering something cheeky in your ear. I’m into that giggle and that knowing glance that connects you to each other. So let’s leave the stuffy cliches in the 80’s and let’s do this right.

      Wedding Photography is where it all started for me but I have also been offering Videography for over a year now and can totally appreciate how it can capture even more than photography is able to. Everything I do is designed to help your day flow as smoothly as possible and to capture the memories in the most genuine light.