Adventure Lover.   Excessive Laugher.   Traveller.   Marshmallow Toaster.   Eternal Optimist.   Goofball (me).

      Too cool for school.     An eye for detail.    Quietly Confident.    Insanely Talented.   Creative (him).




      Well hey there and welcome to our lil corner of the tinterwebs! We are a tag team duo of photographer and videographer. Each of us does both but my area of expertise is the photography side and my partner Wayne’s is the video. Which is lush because it means we get to second shoot for each other!

      So, I’m not your typical wedding photographer. I’m more interested in ensuring that you guys find the right photographer for you than actually securing a booking. Because I know that finding a great connection with my couples is key. I believe that as wedding photographers, we should be invested in you as humans. It’s such an important thing to be a part of and it shouldn’t ever be just a ‘job’. Finding the right photographer is a bit like going on a date. The chemistry is essential…without the wanting to rip each others clothes off bit!

      I know the power of a photograph and how looking through the images of your day can bring back all those awesome feelings in a really tangible way. So, I make it my mission to capture the feeling of the moment, not just the photograph. And believe it or not but how you felt about your photographer on the day can influence how you feel about your photos.

      I’m Lauren and I’m a total travel bug who’s completely in love with the outdoors and adventures of all varieties! I’m laid back, open minded and love the completely weird, uninhibited freedom of a good Phoebe run!

      I’m not about pictures, I’m about people. This isn’t about transactions, it’s about relationships. And it’s certainly not about one day, it’s about a lifetime. 

      I’ve been a part of over 180 weddings and am so proud to say that most of my bookings come from referrals!! This is the pat on the back you get as a soulpreneur saying you’ve done a great job! If your couples trust you with their best friends weddings, you’re doing it right!

      capture the feeling. not just the photograph.

      If you’ve wandered on over to my blog you’ll discover that I’m all about ‘connection’. For one very good reason. If we have a great connection, we have a great time! Then everyone comes away with a ton of positive feelings having had a great experience!

      I’ve seen that the energy of your photographer/videographer can really influence the feel of your day so it’s important to get a great match. If you find someone you could imagine hanging out with as a friend, then you’re on to a winner! Find someone authentic so you can be 100% yourselves. If we get this right then it adds something great to your day.


      1. I used to keep pet rats when I was younger and my favourite was called Bubo (short for bubonic plague spreading pest) because he used to steal smarties.

      2. I once was attacked by an elephant….like ‘picked up and shaken around like a ragdoll’ attacked.

      3. I really like the ‘My Favourite Murder’ Podcast but luckily it’s one of the no.1 podcasts so I’m not the only massive weirdo in the room.

      4. Favourite travel adventures include Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Sweden Wild Camping and Sea Kayaking adventure, Iceland campervan trip and India.



      My approach to wedding photography is that it should be informal, creative and a ton of fun. No one likes rules and the traditionalists can keep their awkward poses! You’ll find no forced clichés here!

      Not all weddings are the same, and neither are all wedding photographers. It’s so important to get the right ‘fit’. I would describe my style as ‘relaxed fine art wedding photography’ with an emphasis on beautiful light. It’s largely documentary in approach; that means that I’ll get out of your way and let you get on with enjoying yourselves, whilst grabbing all the weird, wonderful, crazy, awkward, hilarious, emotional moments as your day unfolds. That said, I’m happy to stand on a chair to orchestrate any group photos you’d like and have a giggle with your guests whilst doing it.

      I’m chatty and love people so I’ll get to know your family and bridal party in the morning and chat to guests as I shoot. There’s nothing more awkward than someone surreptitiously taking your photo then uncomfortably slinking away! So I tend to throw ’em a big smile, have a joke and carry on!

      But once the ceremony gets underway, the idea is that you hardly even notice I’m there! Think of me as an unobtrusive observer aka photo ninja!


      For a little insight into my world gimme a follow on instagram @missmallyface

      What I can do for you

      I will be your photographer, your new friend, your emergency dress repairer or bouquet fixer. I’ll be the calm in the storm. I’ll gently tell you, with a warm smile, to “get a grip woman, or I’ll start crying too and that’d be ridiculous because I’m only the photographer!!”. I’ll make you laugh, when you’re about to blub before the ceremony and the last thing you need is to be fussed because that’ll set you right off and will ruin your makeup. Grammar? What’s that?

      I’ve placed a ban and heavy sanctions on stuffy cliches

      I’ll converse and having a giggle with your guests because it puts them at ease but I’ll blend in when needed. I’ll stand on a chair to orchestrate the group photos and get everyone smiling and cheering but when it comes to your couples photos I’ll capture the spark between the two of you not the awkward relationship you have with my camera. You’ll find no stuffy cliche’s here. I’ll be the documentarian of all those wonderful moments, the ones you see first hand and the ones you had no idea were even happening.

      I’m with you from start to finish

      I’m with you from the moment you book with me. From the getting ready on the morning of the wedding and to your first dance together as a married pair, I’m there 100% for you, your beau and your guests. I’ll always stay on to make sure I get a few drunk dancing photos because they’re such a fun way to end the day! I photograph love stories of every variety and I’d be so privileged to tell yours.

      I’m about keeping things natural, low-key and informal. This is so I can capture all those little moments of candour with my distinctive style and a touch of sexy light. Raw emotions, real moments, epic backdrops and awesome light are what inspire me!

      What makes me so different to all the other photographers?

      But the thing that really sets me apart from other photographers is my motivation. I genuinely love what I do because I have always had such wonderful people to work with. And this has all been based upon the connection I have found with my couples. When I meet a couple for the first time, my aim is that I help these guys find the right photographer for them, not for me to get the booking.