Hampshire Wedding Photographer

      Adventure Lover.  Goofball.  Excessive Laugher.   Traveller.   Marshmallow Toaster.   Eternal Optimist.   Artist.   Hampshire Wedding Photographer.



      Adventure Lover.  Goofball.   Excessive Laugher.   Traveller.   Marshmallow Toaster.   Eternal Optimist.    Artist.   Hampshire Wedding Photographer.







      I’m not about pictures, I’m about people. Not weddings but marriages. This isn’t about transactions, it’s about relationships. And it’s certainly not about one day, it’s about a lifetime. 


      Who a photographer is tends to influence their photography more than any other single element.


      Your idea of a great holiday is a road trip through Iceland? Mine too! And you wanna hike to the top of a mountain at midnight to catch a meteor shower? Yup! Chances are, we’ll get along nicely! Because Travel, Adventure and Weddings are all of my favourite things!

      I may be a Hampshire based wedding photographer and I adore it here because I have the forest and the beach on my doorstep! But I get so excited by the prospect of travel that I’ll happily go anywhere to shoot a wedding! 



      Loves: Travel and weddings (obvs), my amazing little brother, my beau, Friends the TV Show, on that subject…Phoebe running! Marvel, windy clifftops and rolling tides, anything outdoors especially skiing, quad biking and stand up paddle-boarding, marmite and curly wurlys (but not together), My Favourite Murder podcast, being tickled.

      Hates: Negativity (somewhat ironic here), undercooked eggs, being tickled (I’m a walking paradox, what can I say!?).




      LOVE to travel. By travel, I mean hiking the Tongariro Crossing, driving through a blizzard in Iceland or a six week-long backpacking trip kind of travelling. 



      In the Philippines I threw myself down a 300ft high zipline. But only after 20mins of umming and arring and double/triple checking all the safety regs and features! I am both adventurous and thorough! You can be both….can’t you?

      However, my safety plugin malfunctioned one time… so ask me about the day I was attacked by an elephant.

      Photographing around the globe has taught me one very special thing. Our lives are a deluge of moments; some spectacular, others mundane but all relevant to ‘us’. And so my ‘job’ is to grab them and preserve them so you guys can swoon over them for all the years! 

      There’s an emotion represented in every image. So glancing at them has the power to bring it all back long after the celebrations are over. Being able to flood you with that same feeling all over again, in just a glance? That’s the signature of a great photographer!



      I could never embark on a career that didn’t inspire me or ignite my passion. And in choosing Wedding Photography I became quickly aware that it’s a profession that requires a real appreciation of Love Stories. When it comes to your wedding, our excitement and enthusiasm should match your own!

      For me, it’s all about keeping things natural, low-key and informal—capturing all of those little moments with a distinctive filmic style and a smidge of dramatic light. 

      Raw emotions, candid moments, epic backdrops and a crazy, fun dance floor is what really inspire me!



      Wedding Photography has been my love for six years and because I have covered 140+ weddings, it comes naturally to me. I’ve been lucky enough to find myself featured in a number of paper and online magazines and to top it all off…I really, sincerely love what I do! It’s something we all say that but to be good at photography and wedding photography in particular you really do have to connect with the people you’re photographing and how important each moment is to them.