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      I love capturing video as much as I love taking stills on the wedding day and both have the ability to document your day in their own unique way. If you love my work but already have your photographer then feel free to get in touch about videography!

      This is perfect for documenting all the lovely stuff either side of the moments captured in your photography stills.

      I will be there with you and your guests throughout the day, from prep to first dance. We’ll discreetly capture all the lovely parts of the day that you’ll get to see, and lots that you might have missed.

      The approach is unobtrusive, friendly and sincere and the style is personal, raw and cinematic. 




      What makes me unique is that I specialise in cinematic wedding videos that have a strong focus (‘scuse the pun) on the story telling aspect. I don’t offer a traditional videography service. I don’t want to be just another wedding supplier. I’d really like to get to know you both so I can tell your story in the most sincere and genuine way. This is what makes each film truly unique.

      You won’t receive a long winded 2-3 hour wedding video. Instead I use cinematic tools in the filming and story telling techniques in the editing to make your cinematic wedding video captivating and real.



      Full Day Coverage  |  1 Videographer  |  Multiple Cameras

      5-7 minute long Super Highlight Film

      USB Hamper

      A great length to watch whenever you like and to share with family and friends

      These short films are the perfect way to relive your wedding day and all the moments of laughter and tears throughout.





      Feature Film  |  £350

      Set some time aside together, put your feet up with a glass of something a bit nice and enjoy a 25-30 minute feature film of your beautiful wedding day. It will incorporate music and audio and coverage from all parts of the day including extended parts of the ceremony and speeches!

      Ceremony Edit  |  £120

      His face as you enter the ceremony room. The moment you find each other at the front. Those beautiful and deeply meant words as you exchange your vows. This is the real good stuff you don’t want to miss.

      Speeches Edit  |  £120

      All those hilarious stories and anecdotes. The moments of tears and laughter. Your guests hilarious expressions and how your lover looks at you when he toasts to you and says “thank you for becoming my everything”. This is a great edit to keep all that lovely stuff fresh.

      Couples Pre-Wedding Session and 5 minute film  |  £450

      This is a lovely addition to the wedding day. A fully edited, cinematic film set to music. It can be a story of how you met, how he proposed or just the two of you together, doing the things you love. We can even incorporate old photos to build a story which makes it a great reel to show during the speeches on the big day!

      Second Shooter  |  £250

      This provides lots more coverage and more footage.




      What on earth is a Wedding Fusion Film I hear you cry? Well this is a little bit of everything all rolled into one.

      You’ll get myself and my lovely assistant for the duration of the wedding from prep right through to first dance. We’ll both be photographing and grabbing moving footage throughout the day. It’s the most cost effective way to get experienced, professional Photography and Videography for your wedding day.



      Full Day Coverage  |  2 Photographer/Videographers  |  Multiple Cameras

      Pre-wedding Consultations

      Engagement session plus choice of image

      600 stills

      USB Hamper

      5-7 minute long Wedding Fusion Film

      These short films are the perfect way to relive your wedding day and all the moments of laughter and tears throughout.



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