Mark and Tom live in the Big Smoke AKA London but they have a deep affinity with the New Forest. Tom grew up here and his family is lucky enough to still call it home so they visit whenever they can. I love shooting in the streets of London but when I asked where they would like to hold their pre-wedding shoot, it was a no brainer and this time of year is just divine here!

      I love working with my couples well ahead of the day, not least because it busts those nerves so when the big day comes around, everyone feel so much more chilled about the portraits and we all know each other so much better. But it also helps me get a better handle on who you are as people, what you like and dislike, if you have any little quirks I should be aware of and whether or not you’re naturally comfortable in front of the camera! Talking about naturally comfortable in front of the camera? THESE GUYS!!!! I could have photographed them all……day……long!!

      They are cute, confident and so into each other! They mentioned that they tend not to be quite so affectionate in public but as the sun set sleepily over the commons, there was just one solitary dog walker and not another soul for miles around…so the evening was ours! Here are some of the snaps of this gorgeous pair…