My Approach.    Informal.    Fun.    Candid.    Real.    Authentic.   Contemporary.    Unposed.

      HOW I WORK

      My approach to wedding photography is that it should be informal, creative and a ton of fun. No one likes rules and the traditionalists can keep their awkward poses! You’ll find no forced clichés here!

      Not all weddings are the same, and neither are all wedding photographers. It’s so important to get the right ‘fit’. I would describe my style as ‘relaxed fine art wedding photography’ which is largely documentary in approach; that means that I’ll get out of your way and let you get on with enjoying yourselves, whilst grabbing all the weird, wonderful, crazy, emotional moments as your day unfolds.

      I’m chatty and love people so I’ll get to know your family and bridal party in the morning and chat to guests as I shoot. There’s nothing more awkward than someone surreptitiously taking your photo then uncomfortably slinking away! So I tend to throw ’em a big smile and carry on! 

      That said, once the ceremony gets underway, the idea is that you hardly even notice I’m there! Think of me as an unobtrusive observer.

      I’m a Fine Art Hampshire Wedding Photographer offering creative photography, great value for money and an excellent service with a range of packages and products of the highest quality.

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