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      Adventure Lover.  Goofball.  Excessive Laugher.   Traveller.   Marshmallow Toaster.   Eternal Optimist.   Artist.   New Forest Wedding Photographer.



      Adventure Lover.  Goofball.   Excessive Laugher.   Traveller.   Marshmallow Toaster.   Eternal Optimist.    Artist.   New Forest Wedding Photographer.







      I’m not about pictures, I’m about people. Not weddings but marriages. This isn’t about transactions, it’s about relationships. And it’s certainly not about one day, it’s about a lifetime. 


      Who a photographer is tends to influence their photography more than any other single element.

      Your idea of a great holiday is a road trip across Iceland? Mine too! And you love the idea of hiking to the top of a mountain at midnight to catch a meteor shower? No way! Chances are, we’ll get along nicely because Travel and Weddings are two of my favourite things!

      So, I may be a New Forest wedding photographer and I adore it here! But I get so excited by the prospect of travel that I’ll happily go anywhere to shoot a wedding! 



      Loves: Travel and weddings (obvs), my amazing little brother, my beau, Friends the TV Show, on that subject…Phoebe running! Marvel, windy clifftops and rolling tides, anything outdoors especially skiing, quad biking and Stand Up Paddleboarding, marmite and curly wurlys (not together), My Favourite Murder Podcast, being tickled.

      Hates: Negativity (somewhat ironic here), undercooked eggs, being tickled (I’m a walking paradox, what can I say!?).



      LOVE to travel. By travel, I mean hiking the Tongariro Crossing, driving through a blizzard in Iceland or a six week-long backpacking trip kind of travelling. 



      This is me in El Nido, Philippines where I threw myself down a 300ft high zipline. But only after 20mins of umming and arring and double/triple checking all the safety regs and features! I am both adventurous and thorough!

      However, my safety plugin malfunctioned one time… so ask me about the time I was attacked by an elephant.

      Photographing around the globe has taught me one very special thing. Our lives are a deluge of moments; some spectacular, others mundane but all relevant to ‘us’. And so my ‘job’ is to grab them and preserve them so you guys can swoon over for all the years! 

      There’s an emotion represented in every image. So glancing at them has the power to bring it all back long after the celebrations are over. Being able to flood you with that same feeling all over again, in just a glance? That’s the signature of a great photographer!



      I could never take on a career that didn’t inspire me or ignite my passion. And in choosing Wedding Photography I became quickly aware that it’s a profession that requires a real appreciation of Love Stories. When it comes to your wedding, our excitement and enthusiasm should match your own!

      For me, it’s all about keeping things natural, low-key and informal—capturing all of those little moments with a distinctive filmic style and a smidge of dramatic light. 

      Raw emotions, candid moments, epic backdrops and a crazy dance floor is what really inspire me!



      I’ve been a Wedding Photographer for six years and have covered 140+ weddings. I’ve been lucky enough to find myself featured in a number of paper and online magazines and to top it all off…I really, sincerely love what I do! I know we all say that but to be good at photography and wedding photography in particular you really do have to connect with the people you’re photographing and how important each moment is to them.

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      How did you get into photography?

      Well, very long story not so short... degree's in archaeology. However, I knew it would never really be for me because I have a hippy hearted, artsy fartsy, creative soul. So I went to college to study 3D Design where I also learned to use a DSLR for photographing all my weird and wonderful clay and glass sculptures. They really were more weird than wonderful but such is the 'artistic journey'. So, after having somehow obtained a distinction I was still none the wiser so I went travelling...seemed like the only reasonable thing to do at the time!

      Que life-long itchy feet syndrome!

      I travelled through the States, New Zealand and then on to India. And I loved every moment of photographing the world as a lowly independent backpacker on a shoestring but it was when I got to India that my passion firmly laid its roots in my heart. Photographing the people of India in all their joyous, disdainful, colour soaked, happy, sometimes eye-wateringly horrifying, some times heart string tuggingly beautiful glory is what truly hooked me. The emotion you find in the eyes of other humans, the interaction between two souls, the connection you find with them through the lens? There's nothing else like it!

      How long have you photographed weddings?

      Since 2012 when I came back from my travels. It was a slow process at first as I had no idea how to market my business. I still maintain that I'm not great at the business side of things! However, I'm lucky enough that my clients are around 85% referral based so most of my clients come from previous couples or other wedding specialists. This is such a wonderful feeling for me as it tells me I'm doing a good job for them because they trust me with their friends and family members big day!

      Best moment at a wedding?

      It has to be at Simon and Jen's Wedding three years ago at the Elvetham Hotel when their sword party (military tradition) of around 12 RAF chaps and chapesses pinned Simon to the ground with their swords and Jen sat atop him drinking champagne while he updated his Facebook status with a photo of it all! Obviously, I got a photo of it all too!!

      Most important skill for shooting weddings?

      Outside of being able to use a camera well and finding the best light, I’d say being able to read people and situations quickly. This and being able to communicate well and make people feel comfortable. Having travelled so much alone, you find you very quickly learn how to speak to strangers and this has taught me a ton! Generally I talk to everybody as if I've always known them. And very quickly, that's how it feel for both of us.

      Dream wedding venue to shoot?

      Either Aynhoe Park or the Asylum in Peckham!! I love a bit of weird and unique!

      How many weddings have you photographed?

      I've photographed 140+ weddings so I feel very comfortable in my role. My being relaxed on the day means I can focus fully on anticipating those special moments and capturing beautiful, creative photographs for you guys so you can keep those memories fresh as you continue your exciting path through life together. It also means that I can be there to see to my couples needs on the day...

      Some non-photographic based jobs I have happily undertaken whilst shooting weddings;

      1/ Sewn up the wedding dress because it was too long in the front and the bride was worried she might trip down the aisle!

      2/ Re-assembled a crumbling bridal bouquet with cocktail sticks!

      3/ Acted as messenger between the boys and girls groups while they were getting ready in the morning.

      4/ Been the dress carrier whilst also shooting couples portraits as they walked away hand in hand. Yup I can do this single handed, literally!

      5/ Re-done the brides hair in prep for their portraits. I am a wizard with curby grips!

      I also always bring scissors and safety pins with me on the day...just in case!

      Best place you've travelled to?

      Ooh tough one!

      There are so many places and for very different reasons;

      Iceland for pure photo adventureness! Scaling glaciers and ascending volcanos, hiking over the flattest land you've ever seen for miles to get to the remains of a crashed US Navy plane and walking along the surreal black sands of Vik!

      India because it is just so very different to here! Varanasi, the city of death so full of life and thick with atmosphere!

      The Philippines for the happiest, kindest people I have ever met and beach that outclass Thailand but are infinitely less full of people!

      New Zealand for the unequivocal beauty of its vast and varied landscapes!

      Gosh, there are so many more places I could name but I'll stop there. The world is magic! I read a quote recently "the world is a book and to not travel is to read but one page". For me, travelling is a part of life.

      Where to next?

      I have made a pact with myself that I'll hike Mongolia for at least a month and do around 3-4 months in S. America before we embark on the next big adventure of having a few little feet running around our ankles. I just need to get the boy on board...

      Can I see your travel photography anywhere?

      Absolutely! You can check it out under 'Other Work'.

      Do you ever shoot abroad?

      I have yet to photograph a destination wedding but it would absolutely be the most perfect combination of my two loves! You don't happen to be getting married abroad by any chance? ;)

      Weirdest Place you've been to?

      One of the most amazing experiences I've had in recent years (and I feel weird saying that it was amazing because of the loss of life involved) was visiting the exclusion zone of Chernobyl. It has been abandoned for over 30 years but all the buildings and their contents largely remain! It was a fascinating experience to be in a place that was once inhabited but is now being reclaimed by nature.


      Here's just a few;

      Travelling, Skiing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Hiking, Quad Biking, Painting and Drawing, Ice Hockey (watching not playing ouch!), Reading New Scientist and Nat Geo, Festivals and any live music anywhere! I also play the ukulele and sing, badly!

      Essentially I'm in to trying most things, at least once!

      Top 5 Movies

      In no particular order and this is always a difficult one!

      Amelie, Deadpool, Begin Again, Elisabethtown and High Fidelity

      Tea or Coffee?

      I literally cannot start the day without a cup of tea but I will spoil myself to a weird coffee concoction when I go to a nice cafe; chilli coffee bean mocha with coconut milk? Yuh hit me with it!

      Favourite toy as a kid?

      I really want to say my little red 120 film camera as I really did truly love it but if I'm being honest, it was probably the gigantic Barbie winnebago I had for my seventh birthday! Which is funny because I'm really not a girly girl these days!

      What job would you be terrible at?

      Oh so many! I love people so anything that didn't involve working with others would be a definite no no! I'm also very creative and whilst I have an eye for detail I couldn't do anything like accounting or lawyering! Pouring over facts and figures just doesn't do it for me!

      Greatest wish in life?

      I wish I had the chance to know my dad better before he passed away. And to avoid bringing the tone down significantly let's leave it on a peppy high has taught me to live every moment and really, truly appreciate those people around you who mean the world and even those who don't quite mean the world but certainly inhabit a little area of your heart. There is something to be learned from everyone we meet on this incredible journey.

      I also wish they would make marmite that spreads like butter because there's nothing worse than uneven distribution of Marmite!

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