Rownhams House Wedding

      Hampshire Wedding Photography



      Originally inspired by the ravings of a mad florist who oozes creativity from every pore, this shoot was born! Visions of a bride in a black wedding dress, upon a rearing horse with a full length shield of willow and flowers truly got the imagination going! So I arranged this Rownhams House Wedding Styled Shoot to bring together some of Hampshire most awesome suppliers!


      I quickly gathered my favourite wedding creatives and researched to find some new suppliers who I felt might get on board and they did not disappoint!




      Creating something inspiring and unique within the wedding industry is challenging these days as there are so many gorgeous ideas influencing our insta feeds and peaking our pinterest. So I decided to carefully put aside some of the traditional ideas surrounding the look of a wedding day. I wanted to create an ethereal styled shoot with a whistful essence and dark undertones.



      We chose to focus on ‘relationship and narrative’ as the prime interest. Chris and Liv are a real couple, married just two weeks before the shoot and Gallie is their spectacular horse and much loved member of their family. I wanted each image to tell their story. I hoped to convey the feeling of a long day followed by a hack into the sunset where they could finally relax and be in each others company, far away from the madding crowd. What actually happened was a little different, but more on that later…

      If we’re being honest though, Chris was dragged into it by Liv but they both hated having their picture taken. Odd decision then, you might think? But actually by the end of the day they had both thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I loved working with them! It was an intensive day and they were such troopers!



      I like to work with suppliers who are on the up as I find their fresh ideas and creativity inspiring. They haven’t necessarily found  their ‘formula’ yet and so anything goes!



      Nortier Shallow | https://www.nortiershallow.com

      Working with the wonderfully creative couple, Ben and Adrien, at Nortier Shallow we came up with a black wedding dress to go against the grain a little. The brief was to ‘at all costs avoid steampunk and gothic vibes, and to go more for high fashion elegance but let’s make it accessible’. I think they nailed it with the gorgeous nude underskirt and soft layers of black tulle, edged in horse hair braid to add dimension. They kept it simple, sophisticated and unfussy. Liv absolutely rocked it! You’ll find out later why this beautiful creation has the bottom layer torn from it…



      Charles Gale | http://charlesgalehire.co.uk

      On the Groom we had a classic tux from Charles Gale which, together with a black wedding dress, may have conveyed a feeling of stuffiness and almost Victorian sensibility. Therefore, I intentionally chose other aspects of the shoot to work against this to give a feeling of ‘throwing off the coat of tradition’.




      Bridal Hair in Hampshire | https://www.bridalhairinhampshire.co.uk

      Liv’s hair styles are designed to convey a feeling of relaxed whimsy in an effort to show that she doesn’t take herself too seriously, despite the seemingly reserved surroundings. I’m a big fan of contrast. The headpieces were hand made for the shoot and we’ve showcased a variety of options to go with the various hair styles. They are all fairly unstructured pieces that can be worked into the hair in a number of ways. Michelle works so quickly that it’s seems an inhuman speed when you see her absolutely beautiful creations!




      Claire Harding | Lily Anna Rose | http://www.lilyannarose.com/

      Claire is one of those people who just gets things done! She is determined and creative and a super perfectionist so you know that when you receive your little works of art they will be bang on! This lovely lady made the table plan, the name places and the stationery for the shoot. She was tasked with creating something decadent and rich and she more than delivered.




      Tracy at White Designs | https://whitedesignsbridal.co.uk/

      Tracy creates these gorgeous pieces. I’ve worked with her on a number of occasions now and she never fails to provide something beautiful and unique!




      Flowers by Becky | http://www.flowersbybecky.com/

      After a consult with the lovely, lovely human being Becky Stevens we decided that the flowers needed to incorporate reds for a little punch and to lift them off the blacks but we kept them subtle. I love loose, hand tied bouquets and this worked well in bold contrast to the outfits. Becky is another of my go to suppliers and I recommend her to EVERYONE because I know that not only is she super professional and insanely creative but she will always go over and above for her clients and is also one of the loveliest human beings I’ve ever had the honour to call a friend! She’s my go to girl because I know my clients are in safe hands with her!




      Elizabeth Wood | https://www.cakebuds.co.uk/

      (Additional Flowers from Flowers by Becky)

      The cake needed to be dramatic and Liz from Cakebuds delivered, with gumption, this work of art on the day…along with other sweet treats following the theme. It was a testament to her talent and deserved more than an average cake stand so it was displayed atop a small side table creating a great focal point for the images.



      Rownhams House | https://www.rownhamshouse.com/

      The venue is run by Helen and Nigel Owens who have a laid back approach that matches my own and I love working with them! They have a variety of options for the wedding ceremony and the reception party including indoor and outdoor areas. I’m especially excited that they’ll soon be offering a ‘Wedding in the Woods’ theme where you can tie the knot next to their lovely lake, amongst the trees.



      The rooms we used indoors are clad in dark wood giving the feel of a classically traditional space and the wedding breakfast table was laid out with beautifully elegant pieces focussing on metallics. Luscious fruits were intermingled with flowers harking back to a time of Romanesque exuberance and self-indulgence. However, the placement of each item was relaxed and almost haphazard to continue the theme of contrast.




      Ben from Emsworth Deli | https://www.emsworthdeli.co.uk/

      The cheese tower continued the theme of gluttony! Ben from the Emsworth Deli provided us with this magnificent mountain of yummy cheese at short notice and I have to thank him for getting on board at such late notice!



      With a variety of gold and bronze items provided by various wonderful suppliers including the gorgeously hand made stationery, name-places and table plan, the whole shoot has a feeling of richness.

      If the story had gone to plan, the cherry to top it all would have involved our couple riding away into the sunset after a long day of entertaining guests. However, on the day, Gallie our lovely big lad, decided he had other plans. He unhitched himself from the bride at the edge of the common. Tearing the bottom layer off her dress in a scrabble he blasted off, all by himself into the sunset. He galloped away until he was a mere dot on the horizon, before eventually vanishing altogether. Chris immediately jumped into his 4×4 and swiftly followed, rumbling and bumping over the uneven ground. He returned about twenty minutes later……gallantly riding the sweaty horse with his shirt unbuttoned and the sun setting behind him! Mr Darcy much?? He came back with a pretty epic story too, of abandoning cars and crossing rivers and very wet feet! I got the feeling that this was a pretty standard day for them!

      This left us only a few moments to get the shots of the day before the sun slipped beyond the horizon and that ethereal golden glow dissipated into post sunset, muddy blue hues. But we got them…


      My Gorgeous Wedding Suppliers

      Venue: Rownhams House | https://www.rownhamshouse.com/

      Dress: Ben and Adrien | Nortier Shallow | https://www.nortiershallow.com/

      Suit: Charles Gale | http://charlesgalehire.co.uk/

      Headpieces: Tracy Rees | White Designs | https://whitedesignsbridal.co.uk/

      Flowers: Becky Stevens | Flowers by Becky | http://www.flowersbybecky.com/

      Hair: Michelle Crosser | Bridal Hair in Hampshire | https://www.bridalhairinhampshire.co.uk

      Makeup: Helen Spenser | Made Up |  http://www.madeup.co.uk/

      Cake: Elizabeth Wood | https://www.cakebuds.co.uk/

      Cheese Wedding Cake: Ben | Emsworth Deli | https://www.emsworthdeli.co.uk/

      Chairs: Eventus Hire | http://www.eventushire.com/

      Glassware and Table: Nigel and Helen Owen | Rownhams House  | https://www.rownhamshouse.com/

      Table Ornaments: Jules Legg | AAB | http://www.aabweddings.co.uk/

      Stationary and Table Plan: Claire Harding | Lily Anna Rose | http://www.lilyannarose.com/

      Flower wall: Jo Shea from The Wallflower | https://www.thewallflowerofhampshire.com/