South Coast Bridal Shoot with some Lovely Humans

      Victor and Chloe came all the way from Thailand so we made a day of it! With the whole family!


      HOW WE MET

      With a smile and a hug! I’m not a handshakin’ kinda girl so I greet all new friends with an embrace! There were a lot of people to hug when I met these guys in the car park at Lepe Beach! 🙂

      Victor was recommended me by a friend. He is also a Director of Photography leading his own company, working on TV shows in Thailand! Basically…the pressure was on! It’s like cooking for a chef! Which I also have to do regularly because my fella’s a chef! So I figured “I got dis’ right? Besides, I like a challenge and luckily these are some of the sweetest humans I’ve ever met! Chloe and Victor wanted to use their engagement shoot to don their wedding gear and have a proper practice before the big day in Chiang Mai next year!

      Victors Sister and mum came along, so too did his friend Katie and her mum! It was a day out with the family, only I was invited too!

      “Hey just want to say loads of thanks for yesterday. You were such a wonderful person to be around. My mom likes you so much that she told me to bring you in for our wedding next year!” 


      Chloe has done a little modelling and really knew her angles! A few shots in I asked them to kiss…thinking nothing of it…when Victor announced that this would be their first kiss in front of his Mother! They were happy to do it and knew it would be a part of the shoot but I quickly realised that I was working with different cultural norms so I tread a little lighter after that. However, after they kissed, the giggle of embarrassment that came over them both was adorable!



      We had a pretty tight schedule as there were lots of stops they wanted to get in to the eight hours we had booked; Lepe Beach, Calshot, New Forest and Durdle Door! It was an epic trip and an awesome shoot! Having never photographed the same two humans for such a prolonged period of time I was concerned that I might run out of ideas but the locations combined with the couples’ approach made it super easy. They were so relaxed with each other, and very clearly in love! They both knew how to be photographed and despite what they said about feeling reserved and traditional as a culture were very tactile and affectionate. All of this gives me hearts in my eyes!



      I’m the kind of person who always tries to find things to be thankful for. Even in some of the more difficult times in my life I have drawn the positives from each situation! And I was so thankful for this extraordinary opportunity to shoot with people from another part of the world who truly loved and appreciated our GORGEOUS landscape. To be a part of their family for the day and to challenge myself to new heights in producing great portraits.

      We went to some spectacular places that I rarely get to play with when shooting weddings with only 25 mins for the bridal portraits. And I was so thankful for this. I love to play and I am so in love with these images. Have a browse and you might get some inspiration for your own wedding portraits. You might even want to get off the beaten track a little…

      Thank you Chloe, Victor, Sister Katie, Varri, Friend Katie and Katies Mum (I wasn’t given her name because apparently I would never have been able to pronounce it….I’m fairly confident that this is true) :p