JOURNAL ENTRY: Small things to be thankful for


      I woke up this morning.

      The sun was peeking through the blinds in the window and I knew it was going to be another beautiful day working outside in my fancy garden shed office. As I stirred, I got to thinking about the Wedding Photography industry and how friendly it can be. Yesterday, I had a lovely afternoon with Emily of Emily Black Photography and Sue of Sue Porter Photography. We sat in Emily’s back garden as the kids played around about. The sun shone, bringing a sparkle to the afternoon. We drank tea and laughed a lot. 


      I got home to a message

      It was from Nisha of Nisha Haq Photography saying she’d referred me to one of her enquiries because she was already booked on that date and wanted to recommend someone lovely who she knew would do a good job. The weirdest thing about that was that two minutes prior I had given her name to a bride for a date that I was already booked! Magic! Now, most people would think it an epic marketing fail to mention three other phenomenal photographers on my wedding photography blog. Rest assured, I have not dropped the ball here because, truthfully, these girls are wonderful and deserving of praise. As are any number of wedding photographers within the industry. This is why I am thankful. 


      “Her prosperity does not make me inferior. And I choose to cheer her on because community rises above competition. Compassion sets us free, perseverance pushes us forward, and comparison cannot hold us down when our words are wings of gratitude and our heart is guarded from the negativity of this dark and broken world. If no one has told you lately, then please let me be the first… You are good enough.

      – Natalie Frank

      I’m a part of a fantastic group

      It’s called Hampshire Wedding Club and it prizes community over competition E-V-E-R-Y day of the week! Here I have met such lovely human beings who have the same mentality as myself. There is no need for competition because we are all so different in style and personality and not everyone is ‘our client’. Just like none of us is the perfect photographer for every couple. I harp on, incessantly, about connection but it’s vital and it’s unique. You will find a different connection with each of us and the right one just is ‘the right one’.


      So instead of competing with each other

      We lift each other up. We support one another in the day to day. Because we hang out on the personal, we know each other really well. We refer clients to other great photographers that we know and trust with your wedding day. 


      Tasha Newland is a boss lady, force of nature and out and out inspirational leader

      She heads up the Hampshire Wedding Club and I remember her mentioning once that when she arrived in wedding photography, many years ago, it was a very different place. It was more of a mans world then, though I’m not attributing this to that. It’s just context. Tasha was given the oddest bit of advice I’ve ever heard. She was told not to talk to or make friends with other photographers! This girl then spent ten years believing it was an unfriendly world to be in and worked largely in isolation. This is so sad, now knowing what a joy it can be to be in a gang! All the while the industry was changing. Female facebook groups were emerging where we all spoke to each other. We let off steam to a bunch of people in the room who all knew our pain. We asked questions and gave great advice. We sought second shooters giving opportunities to others and forwarded on referrals. It’s all pretty cool!


      You are braver than you believe and more daring than you know. Every scar that you carry and every worry in your past, has shaped you into a truly remarkable human being. And such a brave and unrelenting person is deserving of something greater. You are worthy of something greater. A love that fills your heart and brings joy like a spark to your soul. You were made to endure. You were created to seek out your own characterization of success and chart a course for your life unlike any other”.

      – Natalie Frank


      My other half teases me

      I get stupidly excited when a badass girl character kicks ass in a movie. Slightly awkward confession; there is a lot of air punching that goes on! I love a strong women going out there and getting hers but I wouldn’t describe myself as a feminist. And I’m not a man hater by any means! So let’s just get that straight. However, the way that girls work together is very different to the dynamic of a bunch of boy photographers. I’m generalising, massively. There are, of course exceptions to every generalisation and this isn’t a rant about boy photographers because I have many friends who are just that and they’re just as cool. It’s just different. What this is, is a great big hurrah to the wedding industry and its people for embracing community over competition and a huge thank you to all! But secretly and very politically incorrectly, especially my girls.

      I wish I could be a normal person and wake up just thinking about what’s for breakfast sometimes……