Larissa and Sam at Lepe Beach


      When one of my couples comes to me and says…

      “We wanna do one of those trash the dress shoots, and we wanna get in the sea…does that sound ok?

      …I’m, like, where do I sign??? 

      These two are so easy going and have such a lovely calm energy. Because of this, their wedding day at Clock Barn was and absolute pleasure to photograph, not least because they’re just such lovely people to be around! So I knew this would be a good one!

      We met at Lepe around two hours before sunset which is a great time to meet on a beautiful sunny day! This was NOT a beautiful sunny day so there was no real golden hour (more of a golden 60 seconds), there was no beautiful orange glow of light to backlight them. But we didn’t need any of that! Why? Because we had moody skies, a grumpy ocean and a carefree “hell yeah” couple of humans!

      Larissa had her hair and makeup done and donned her wedding dress! What a lovely excuse to pamper yourself and get dressed up again!?

      We went from a walk in the meadow to barefoot on the sand and finally to waist high in the ocean. The shrieks and laughter from these guys as the waves rose up around them just made the whole thing even more amusing! No, not just for me…they loved it too!



      A Trash the Dress Shoot is such a great way to get some crazy photos in your wedding dress that most wouldn’t dare on their wedding day! Most brides spend the wedding day trying not to tarnish the dress. They move in a way so as to prevent crumpling. They are always mindful of spills and marks. This is the perfect opportunity to really have some fun in your wedding dress and throw caution to the wind!

      It’s a last hurrah to this beautiful gown. So give it a shot before it’s dry cleaned and boxed and put away.

      …unless you’re like me and are the sort who would happily just pop it on and hang out around the house sporadically!? Anyone? No? Just me?

      One of the things I love about doing trash the dress sessions in the ocean is that the dress is normally completely salvageable afterwards. But don’t hold me to that, it depends on the fabric and the condition of the beach and water.

      There are all sorts of ways a bride can trash her dress, including paint, mud, wine, fire, wedding cake and a swim. If you’re unsure but curious, just gimme a holler and we’ll see if I can’t coax that brave out of you.