Elizabeth Wood is a rare talent in the industry with a penchant for the unusual and I challenge any onlooker who is not wowed by her creations!


      Elizabeth is a sweet and lovely human who has found her calling within the wedding industry. She recently made the brave decision of going full time. However, you’d think she’d been at it for years given the level of talent and skill she exhibits. The attention to detail she invests in everything she does is exquisite!




      She’s an award winning wedding cake designer who specialises in creating contemporary wedding cakes. She serves her yummies to Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and London.

      She’s not exactly ‘in love’ with the idea of conventional practices when it comes to cake decorating! Her passion lies in contemporary cake design, and an emphasis on modern minimalism. She experiments with texture and colour and loves to create works of art that are, in fact, edible and delicious at that!

      Liz uses only the finest and freshest ingredients. She knows how important the aesthetic is to her clients. But equally the flavour!

      She transforms sugar into delicate and life-like flower petals and pieces them together into gorgeous blooms, all by hand. She paints them with edible dusting and painstakingly brings each one to life.



      She fosters a great relationship with her clients and works closely with them to ensure their wedding cake is designed to suit their individual style. She makes time to drink tea (and/or bubbles) to sit with them and give support and guidance through the planning stages and keeps great communication through the whole process. This leads to the creation of a one off centrepiece that is both stunning and yummilicious! It is also, exactly what her couple wants!



      “I was finding that more and more couples were breaking boundaries when it came to planning their weddings. Everyone was trying to be different in one way or another. I soon realised that I too was being drawn to cakes which were a little different to the traditional wedding cake. Whether the cakes were minimalist, highly detailed, bold or modest, they all had a creative flair to them which made them stand out. That is when I started to experiment with different textures and soon realised that I had a real passion for contemporary cake design.

      I feel like my journey in contemporary cake design has only just begun and I am super excited to see what the future holds.”



      I can’t say anything to round up other than you’d be crazy to work with anyone else on your wedding cake design. She will bring your wildest dreams into fruition and you’ll have a lovely experience throughout your journey with this lovely lady!

      I strongly advise that you order a sample box at the very least, because…





      You can see more of her work and contact here here https://www.cakebuds.co.uk/