Yes and obviously I can’t be both on your wedding day. Because that would also make me a magician and then it’s really starting to get silly!  I’d love to help you in any way I can! If you already have your photographer then maybe I’m your Wedding Day Coordinator!

      I love photography! And one of the things I love most about it is helping with the running of the day so everything go smoothly for my couples. And so it was a natural step into wedding day coordination for me. I love the idea that I can make your day easier and take all of the stresses and concerns away. So you can be fully present and enjoy your wedding day! As a photographer I’ve found myself as toast master, bouquet fixer, dress stitcher and much more and I love the problem solving side of it!




      Looking ravishing, relaxed & relishing every second is how every couple should be on their wedding day. You shouldn’t be rushing off mid conversation with your guests just to sort out some minor hiccup. And your time shouldn’t be spent making sure the cake will be ready in time for the cutting. I don’t want you to be clock watching or having any worries at all about things running smoothly. For this, I’m your person! I’ll be the go-to in every eventuality! Sadly, many couples end up playing the role of ‘Host’ on their big day rather than soaking up every wonderful emotion filled moment of it. I’d love to help you enjoy your day to it’s most full!




      Your plans may look perfect on paper but wedding days can be unruly beasts and they will often do as they please. Going with the flow is a vital part of enjoying your day but minimising the hiccups is my area. Occasionally a crazy unplanned moment can really make your day but most couples enjoy themselves more when things go to plan.



      It doesn’t have to be a horribly regimented event, in fact let’s not do that at all! However, in my experience, if you have a well thought out timeline and someone there to gently keep things on track then none of it has to feel militant. A considered timeline and plenty of contingency factored in can help the wedding day feel smooth and super easy.



      Having planned the day yourselves, I understand how unnerving it may be to hand it all over. Rest assured, I truly care about every detail of your day just as much as you do and will ensure all runs the way you imagine. With everything in my safe hands it leaves you and your family with absolutely no ‘on the day jobs’ to deal with.  The result of that…a couple that are relaxed and can really enjoy the lead up to their wedding and the day itself, safe in the knowledge all is being taken care of by complete professionals.



      ONE SIMPLE PACKAGE  |  £350

      …with lots of lovely things included…

      • DEVISING a well thought out timeline of the day
      • CONSULTATION in person 6 weeks before the wedding for a comprehensive hand over of the wedding day plans.
      • LIAISON with all your suppliers to ensure we’re all on the same page and everything is as you want it.
      • PROVIDING ‘on the day’ schedules for all of your suppliers
      • MEETING all suppliers on the day for set up to ensure they are all on time and know where they need to be.
      • VENUE DRESSING the final touches to ensure the ambience and room are exactly how you imagined.
      • HANDLING, discreetly of any unexpected eventualities.
      • COORDINATING order of events including ceremony, wedding breakfast, speeches, cake cutting & first dance.
      • TIDYING of the bridal suite (if within the venue), ensuring it is inviting for the couple.
      • EMERGENCY WEDDING KIT on hand including essentials such as safety pins, sewing kit, hairspray, tissues, make up the list goes on…
      • FULL ASSISTANCE to the couple and guests arriving.
      • TOAST MASTERING and any other announcements, should they be required.
      • RESPONSIBLE for all supplier payment balances on the day.

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