What’s my Wedding Personality Type?


      We’re all individuals. We have quirks and personality traits that are all ours. No-one can be shoved into a ‘one size fits all’ container and this is by no means a definitive list. However, there are certain couples whose ethos and approach to life really inspire and resonate with me.

      They are the couples I love to work with, and who love to work with me, because we find a harmonious connection. The ones who come across my website and discover that my style speaks to them. They’re the people who have that ‘something’ in the way they put together an email. That little hint of something that makes me think “these are my people”. And they feel the same about my random ramblings. These guys are the ones I instantly love when I walk into the room and meet them for the first time. They’re the couples that feel the same because it’s just ‘that thing’, that incomprehensible feeling that you get when you just know this person is the right fit for you. That they are your person for this specific thing.


      Why should I figure out my wedding personality type?

      When planning your wedding, it’s a great idea to think about who you are as a person, your style and what your approach is. This can inform you on the suppliers you choose to take care of you on your big day.


      Stick with me here…

      Imagine you’re going to meet with two photographers on the same day. They both have incredible portfolios online. You’re a warm and friendly, open person. The first one you meet is all business! Great photographer but a little stiff. They take you through all their packages and prices, what you can expect from them on the day and so on. You know they’ll do a great job and take awesome photos but they’re a little too professional and less interested in getting to know you personally.

      You walk away from the second ‘interview’ having hardly spoken about the photography bit. You chatted about where you grew up and how you guys met. You found that you both love rollerskating or quad biking. They answered all your questions and were much more interested in getting to know you than trying to up-sell their packages. Which are you going to book? Your wedding day is one of the biggest, most emotional days of your life. Who do you want to spend it with?


      Secret (not so secret) confession…

      I’m a little obsessed with finding the right connection with my couples. So much so that I advise each and every one that I consult to meet with a handful of their favourite photographers. This is because you really don’t know who you’re going to find a connection with, until you’re physically in the same room. It’s more important that you find the right photographer for you than me getting your booking!

      And it’s the same for every supplier you choose. Arguably, it’s more vital when selecting your photographer and videographer as you’ll literally spend all day with us in some shape or form. But it’s also important to pick out ‘your people’ when looking at florists, cake makers, djs, venues etc because you really wanna get someone who gets you.


      So what is your wedding personality?

      So this is just a little peek into the wedding personalities that I most often find myself working with. And the reason I always love my clients so much is because when I think about who they are as people, I see lots of myself in them. Common ground, shared values and interests but especially having a shared sense of humour is vital for finding the best connections! I know, it sounds a lot like going on a date, but finding your perfect wedding photographer, kinda is like going on a date! A friend date!



      Interests: Hiking and adventure getaways, quad biking, paddleboarding, skiing, backpacking, sustainable living.

      Wedding Attitude: You guys know how to organise a trip around the world so planning a wedding will be a snip. You bring your relaxed attitude to the process and it all feels pretty effortless because you take it all in your stride. There are no bridezillas to be found here because you guys know how to go with the flow.

      Colours: Earthy, Neutral, Natural or the total opposite using all the colours of the rainbow!

      Style: Quirky and fun with aspects of their travels thrown in here and there. Festival and boho vibes. Maybe something a little rustic or nordic influenced by your time in the mountains.

      Location: On the side of a mountain looking out at awe-inspiring views. On the beach with bare feet and big smiles. In a treehouse or lost in the woods.

      What’s important to you?: That the atmosphere of the day is relaxed and natural, nothing staged! The entertainment and music should add to this! Maybe an Irish folk band or a couple of different performers. Maybe even an open mic inviting your friends and family to be a part of the show. 



      Interests: Drinks with friends in the city, walks in a country park, entertaining friends with Gin cocktails and dinner around a big table. 

      Wedding Attitude: Well prepared, outside of the box and forward thinking.

      Style: Very stylish and on trend, unfussy and minimalist. Wanting to achieve something new and interesting to wow your guests.

      Location: A warehouse on the edge of the city, an old city loft, a snazzy big hotel in the centre of town, something mega quirky, a trendy rooftop bar with festoon lighting and cocktails.

      What’s important to you?: Less involved in fussy details and more into quality, style and fine dining.



      Pentillie Castle Wedding Venue Bride and Groom with VW Camper Van

      Interests: Enthusiastic about trying new things but loves family and friends most of all. Oh but you definitely love your dog the most most!

      Wedding Attitude: A laissez-faire approach of what will be will be. Whatever happens on the day will just add to the story and definitely unfazed about the weather.

      Style: Pretty and fairly low key, these guys are more concerned with their loved ones having a great time so more of the budget goes into food and entertainment than on the aesthetics of the day.

      Location: A marquee in their parents back garden if it’s big enough, a gorgeous local barn or a lovely big teepee in a field where their guests can camp for the night so they can literally roll home after the celebrations. Go on! Have a festival wedding! They’re aces!

      What’s important to you?: That your family, friends and your significant other all have a bloody good time!



      Interests: Travelling, city breaks, walks through the Tuscan vineyards, enjoying the ocean breeze and the sand between your toes. 

      Wedding Attitude: Organised but not a control freak. Planning these things abroad can be challenging but you enjoy a challenge. Working with a planner who can orchestrate the local suppliers. 

      Style: Cool and elegant with a great sense of style, perhaps bringing in the local flavours of food, culture and themes.

      Location: The sand dunes of Morocco, on a black beach in Iceland, The Swiss Alps, California, Santorini or Chefchaouen, Thailand!? Anywhere in the world!

      What’s important to you?: You’re less interested in a traditional, formal event and more into a casual party. You love the romance of far flung lands or are just after some guaranteed sunshine in idyllic surroundings. 



      People will rarely fit neatly into one of these types but it’s such a great guide. There are plenty more personality type too. These are just the handful that I find are drawn to me. Mainly because I’m a little bit of each of them.

      Having a rough idea of where you sit will help you with styling but also it can inform your choice of supplier. We all know in our bones when we meet people that we just click with, it’s almost subconscious but when you’re choosing your wedding suppliers it doesn’t hurt to be a bit more conscious of who you’re choosing and why. Do they ‘get you’? Do they understand what’s important to you and can they envisage the overall aesthetic of your wedding day, as you can? Bustle did a great post titled ‘How to choose our Wedding Style, Based on your Myers Briggs Type‘ which is a fun read if you’re into it!



      Give yourself a little project. Make a list of words, phrases or sentences for each of the topics;

      Personal Qualities


      Wedding Approach



      What’s important to you?

      And you might find that it helps you narrow down your list of potential suppliers. Give me a holler if you have any questions. I’m always here x