“Lauren is just the best photographer we could have asked for to capture the magic of our special day.”

      Rebecca & Rob, The Elvetham

      Wedding Photography Packages



      Thanks for considering me to photograph your big day and taking the time to browse my work! If you’ve found yourself here then you like my snaps! That’s a great start!

      Wedding Photography Prices can seem daunting but it’s an investment. It’s something you’re going to look back on for years to come. Memories are magical (almost tangible), lovely things but photographs keep them fresh. This is what brings it all flooding back long after the antics of the day are done.

      Choosing your wedding photographer can feel like a mine field. So, I recommend looking beyond the words and trusting what your heart is telling you about the images and all the blurb.



      I offer a number of options for coverage on your wedding day and generally put together bespoke wedding photography packages perfectly tailored to cover everything you need but I have one base package from which to work. This one covers the wedding day from prep through to first dance (and some hilarious drunk dancing pics afterwards obvs) but you can add on more time, albums, second shooters, kitchen sinks and so on.


      Scroll way, way down for FAQs relating to pricing and some awesome insider tips for getting the most for your money…



      In-depth consultations either in person or on Skype if you’re far away.

      Ongoing guidance and support in the run up to the wedding and afterwards

      10 hours coverage

      600 images wedited to perfection!

      A password-protected online gallery to share

      I take on a maximum of 25 weddings a year, so please do get in touch as early as possible.

      I also offer a complimentary engagement photography session to get you used to the camera and for us to get to know each other.



      A Second Photographer  |  £250

      Boudoir Session  |  £250

      Trash the Dress Shoot  |  £250

      Personalised Guest Book  |  £150

      10×10″ Prestige Album  |  £550

      Duplicate 8×8″ Parent Albums  |  £120 each


      Wide Range of Album Styles and Sizes Available

      All packages include the following
      You Get Me!

      * Free Consultations
      * All my years experience
      * Suggestions, Advice and Guidance throughout
      * Full Day Coverage (no skipping out straight after First Dance!)
      * A friend on the end of the phone at any point in the planning process
      * My One Wedding a Day Promise means I'm all yours and no one elses on your special day!

      Totally Flexible

      * My super relaxed approach in the run up and on the day helps my couples feel totally at ease
      * Want to adjust your coverage times? Decided to add in Albums? Need to upgrade or downgrade your package?
      * Nothing is a problem for me!
      * Weddings can be wonderful, exciting and mildly stressful events to organise so let's keep the photography bit easy? ;) Totally Flexible!

      Complimentary Engagement Session

      * 1-2 hour chinwag and shoot to get used to the lens and for us to get to know each other
      * I believe this is a must for all wed to be's
      * Provides a practice run to iron out kinks
      * Busts those nerves ahead of the wedding day
      * Helps me get to know you as individuals and as a couple

      Complimentary Album Consultation

      * I'll treat you to a coffee (or something stronger) and we'll relive the day after the dust has settled
      * On a tablet, we can review your images and chat through your Album requirements
      * I'll bring Album Examples to help you visualise your ideas

      Private Gallery

      * Password-protected, beautifully presented and easy to share with all your guests!
      * Sample gallery within the first 1-2 weeks of around 100 images
      * 1-2 solid days wediting time to perfect your images
      * A lovingly put together USB hamper just as soon as the rest of the images are perfected!

      Let's Not be Strangers

      * I'll hold your hand through the whole planning process
      * I want you to feel like you can approach me with anything; early stages timeline planning? Styling advice, supplier recommendations or just that little niggling something that's keeping you up at night?
      * Even after the wedding, if you have queries or wonderings just holler! I'm here!


      When you’re planning a wedding it’s vital that you set an overall budget as well as individual budgets for each supplier. The sky is the limit when it comes to pricing up a wedding but you’ll want to prioritise suppliers based on their importance to you.

      Are you a total foodie who wants their guests to experience the yummiest delicacies that can be unearthed? Do you want the floral displays to totally bowl you over? Are you looking to have a beautiful record of the day to have and to hold forever?

      Generally the big spend is on the venue and the food but what comes next for you? Planning a budget begins to get your juices flowing. You start getting excited about what magical things you could have to set your day off with a bang.

      Cue ‘elbows’ scene from Friends. Eeeeeeeeee!

      But it gets ‘not so fun’ when you realise it will only stretch so far. Suddenly glum! Pffft!

      There are ways to save, however. Try doing DIY decor or just having two courses and the cake as dessert. But at some point you really need to decide what’s vital.


      Wedding stuff to pay for;



      When you first start out it can be a pain in the bleep because you just don’t know where to start. How on earth am I supposed to know how much a photographer costs? What’s a good deal? And caterers, why are they so expensive? I could buy a home for that money!! I mean, probably a ramshackle mobile home but still…. run a survey every year. In one of their latest, they found that for 2017 the average cost of wedding photography in the UK was £1,480. These are the previous three years and the averages were based on a full day starting package (no albums or second shooters etc.)


      • £1480 in 2017
      • £1,450 in 2016
      • £1,520 in 2015


      2015-16 showed a small drop because the industry is super competitive. Therefore, there are lots of new photographers coming on to the scene regularly, asking much lower fees to build their portfolios. Many cost saving brides will take up these offers. This is a great way to ensure your whole day is captured but make sure of these things;

      • Check out lots of full weddings from them not just their ‘best of’ portfolio
      • Read reviews on google and facebook or have a trusted recommendation to use them
      • Ensure they have an excellent backup plan in place in case ANYTHING goes wrong (including insurance)
      • Be ok with some inconsistencies in their style/ability as they are just starting out

      Prices vary across the UK and sadly the South East is the most expensive at avg. £1600.



      Some photographers will travel so don’t be afraid to approach people in less expensive areas of the UK but be aware of additional travel expenses. Even with these it can sometimes work out cheaper.


      I realise being a Hampshire wedding photographer that I’m in the most expensive area so I’m likely doing myself out of some work here but I’m more concerned with you getting the right person for you and the best you can get within your budget so you have zero regrets about your decision when those photos come through. I’ve always been a terrible business person!

      However, if you want the chance to really get to know your photographer before the day then you’re best off staying local. This mean you can have more get togethers and there’s the opportunity for an engagement photography session. Everything is better in person, imo.

      Remember these are averages, there will be some that are cheaper and some that are more expensive. The cost of your package will also depend on what you want included and how many hours are required.



      Couples often ask whether their wedding photographer is worth such a significant portion of their budget, especially when on the day itself there is little to show for it. This is a personal choice. Truthfully though, your wedding photographer, depending on their personality and (scuse the inner hippy, she escapes occasionally) energy/vibe can actually influence the overall feel of your wedding day. Believe it or not! They will certainly affect how you feel as they’ll be hanging around you all day (in the nicest possible way)

      This article is just to give you some insight into what your investment means so you can make better choices about where you money goes.



      You get what you pay for 100%. Especially with wedding photography. Write out your wedding shopping list and if we’re in the top three then you’ll need to assign around 10-15% of your budget. Eeeeeek! This isn’t just me, this is all the top wedding blogs talking!

      Most of us offer everything from a base package with one shooter, set coverage time and fixed number of images to a full on blow your face off ‘all in solution’ that covers the whole shebang.



      More is not always better with photography. IMHO it’s better to have a more basic package from an awesome photographer whose work absolutely blows you away than full day coverage and 3000 images from someone you hired because they were ‘cheap’.


      This is great read if you have the time. It’s an interview with a bride who really regretted her decision not to have a professional photograph her wedding. It absolutely breaks my heart when I hear these stories because we only get to do this thang once!

      If going for a half day package to save pennies then decide what parts of the day are most important to you in terms of images. Do you want bride prep or first dance because fitting both in probably isn’t doable.



      I always suggest this to my brides if they book a half day package! Do your speeches before you eat because then the photographer will most likely be able to fit them into the coverage time!!



      Prices do vary from photographer to photographer and they depend heavily and what you want included. Generally a base package will include the coverage time on the day, your photos in digital format by download or on a USB. Some will include an engagement photography session, guest signing book, second shooter or wedding albums. The average prices are based on coverage and images only but the sky’s the limit as to what you can add on.

      I include the engagement photography session as standard with all my packages because I believe it’s vital for creating rapport with my couples. It means they get some practice and they get to know me and so they feel totally at ease. In other words, this means better photos and a much nicer experience on the wedding day.



      If you’re getting married in the off season you can find some great discounts on most suppliers. If they don’t advertise discounts, ask! They may have a quieter month and be more open to throwing in a discount. The worst they can do is say no and if they get snotty about it then they’re probably not the photographer for you! It’s a good way to weed out the ones who are as ‘relaxed’ as they say they are in their bio (we all say that lol).



      As with any service there’s always a cheaper option and a more expensive one. I reiterate…you get what you pay for.

      Photographers in the North East generally cheaper than those in London and the South East so location plays a big role in this.

      Experience is the other biggy! New photographers tend to charge much less to help build up their portfolio. We all started there.

      More experienced photographers will have hundreds of weddings under their belts and a huge portfolio of images you can browse. This doesn’t just mean they have lots to show you. It also shows their experience and that’s something worth paying for.

      We have learned the flow of the day, we’ve seen it so many times that it’s ingrained in our psyche. We’ve learnt what comes next, even when it’s not on the timeline. We know where to look for the next outbreak of raucous laughter and really see the sweet moments between lovers or two old friends. That’s kinda priceless…


      Other things that can affect wedding photography cost are;


      • Travel/accommodation (I include travel up to 100 miles)
      • What the package includes
      • Coverage time on the day
      • Day of the week. Mon-Thurs weddings tend to be cheaper
      • Month of the year. Winter weddings tend to be cheaper (except Dec)
      • Late booking often becomes cheaper but this is risky if you have your heart set on a specific photographer



      Just be aware because the amount you pay doesn’t always mean you’re getting the cream of the crop. Some photographers who are new to the industry still charge high prices but may be relatively inexperienced. Check out their portfolios, their facebook, the google reviews etc. Basically stalk the bleep out of them until you’re sure their legit.


      Hiring an experienced photographer means less worry for you, they know what they’re doing and you know you can trust them. They know exactly where to be and when. They know where to stand to get the perfect shot of you walking down the aisle whilst also being respectful of the event.



      Can’t I just get my Uncle Bob with his super duper new camera to cover my big day? Sure! If your Uncle Bob also happens to be an experienced wedding photographer. If you don’t want an album full of images you may never want to look at then I’d recommend hiring a pro. It’s such an important event, don’t you want to know that it’s being documented beautifully and in safe hands?

      According to Find Your Perfect wedding Photographer, the average photographer spends between 28 and 40 hours working on every wedding. For me it’s closer to 60. This includes consultations, correspondence, travel, setting up, actual photography, uploading and backing up the images, wediting, printing, packaging and shipping.



      And before that there’s websites to build and maintain, marketing to do and insurance to get covered. Generally, each photographer is a solopreneaur who has chosen to do something they love but still ‘I Got Bills…I gotta pay….”(imagine me singing, I’m a terrible singer…).

      Of course anyone can pick up a camera, but it takes a skilled professional to deliver the standard of pictures you’ll love looking at and sharing. Does Uncle Bob know how to photograph you in the best light? Does he have a backup strategy? What if a card fails and the images all corrupt? Or his camera dies half way through the ceremony? I don’t mean to freak you out as I’m sure it’s a rare occurrence but it does happen. If you have every faith in him then go for it, you’ll save bucks…just be sure.

      So you’re paying for their time and their experience. You’re paying for someone that knows exactly what to do, they’ve done this for years and many many times. They are creative and passionate. This is someone you can trust because it’s their livelihood and their love. Their reputation is staked on every single wedding and ensuring that each and every couple is overwhelmingly happy with the experience.



      Most wedding photographers will ask a deposit to secure the date and this can range from 10-50% so always ask the question.

      The balance is usually due 1-4 weeks before the wedding date. They are investing their time and energy into shooting your big day so it’s usual that full payment is made before the wedding. But there are those who ask for payment once the sneak peek or even the full gallery is sent through but in my experience, this isn’t standard.

      It does vary a little so just make sure you know the score with whoever you choose.



      Wedding photography on a budget is totally doable, here’s my top tips…


      • Have it out of season or midweek
      • Hire local so you don’t have to pay travel
      • OR hire someone from the North East if their prices are less including travel
      • Go for a part day package to cover the key moments of the day
      • Blogs recommend looking for offers and discounts but imo these are the ones who struggle to get work and you have to ask yourself why?
      • If you’re not fussy who you have, book a month or two before the day, especially if your wedding is off season (just the thought of this might freak a few of you out but there are sooooo many photographers!)


      Above all, when it comes to choosing your photographer, go with your instinct and what your heart tells you. It doesn’t matter how good they are, if you’re not comfortable with a particular photographer it’ll show in every image!



      The photos will be one of the few tangible things left over after one of the most important days of your lives, so consider saving money elsewhere.

      Wedding photography is a story, a beautiful story of your day. It’s about capturing all those little moments, especially the ones you didn’t even see yourself. It’s a lasting record of your day that can be shared with family, friends, your children and grandchildren. So give a little consideration to who you trust to get the job done for you.



      The photographers style, the way they take pictures, the quality of the moments they capture. Is it clear that they love their work? Also look at the way they edit their shots.

      Just as important, if not more so, is their personality. You want someone who will fit in with your tribe, make you feel like you’re being photographed by and friend and go with the flow.

      Read reviews about them from past weddings and read what other couples say about them.

      I think when you find the perfect photographer for you, the money becomes less of an issue because the memories they will capture, and the experience you have, will be priceless.