What is Fine Art Wedding Photography?


      You may have seen the term ‘Fine Art’ appear in the search for your wedding photographer. But what is Fine Art Wedding Photography? 



      There are many wedding photography styles. But at its foundation, Fine Art wedding photography is about approaching it as an art form.  Rather than just observing and clicking to capture a scene, Fine Art photography careful considers many factors. It looks at; composition, texture and colour palette. Above all, it prioritises the quality and direction of light.

      When expertly combined, these things create images that capture and evoke emotion. Not only that, they also portray you and your wedding in the most beautiful way possible.




      Fine art wedding photographers produce images with a broad range of styles from bright & airy to dark & moody.  What defines the photographers work as “Fine Art’ is their design, aesthetic and approach to capturing images. Each image is considered and composed with care. That’s not to say that we can’t capture those fantastic ‘of the moment’ opportunities that make up the bigger part of your day. It is just to say that we will do it with forethought and anticipation to ensure the image is visually striking.



      In short, if you’re planning a wedding where design, decor and aesthetics are important to you then a fine art wedding photographer is a great choice. Every photographer’s style is different. So choose one that’s a perfect match for you and your wedding day vision. The work produced by a Fine Art Wedding Photographer will have a consistent style throughout. At its heart is the creation of beauty.




      Classic  |  Traditional  |  Posed

      This is a style that has developed since the first weddings were photographed.

      Things have moved on significantly but the essence of the style is the same. The photographer generally works their way through a ‘shot list’ to ensure they cover everything the couple have requested. This usually includes all the key events of the day and the details. It also incorporates posed images of the couple on their own and with their families. Most of the images have the subjects smiling for the photo in a traditional way.

      They will give plenty of direction to set up the shots and position people. The shooting style tends to get everything in focus and the angles are straightforward.


      Documentary |  Photojournalistic |  Reportage  |  Edgy  |  Unobtrusive

      The photographer will quietly follow you around and capture all the events of the day as they happen. They won’t just focus on the planned moments. They give no direction and don’t pose people, preferring a more unobtrusive approach. A good documentary photographer will disappear into the background and photograph without you even knowing they’re there. They will generally focus in on spontaneous, authentic, moments.

      True documentary photographers don’t always edit their images, but this can vary so make sure you ask if you’re considering this style. It’s always advisable to review a handful of full weddings when looking at photographer. This will give you a clearer idea of what you’ll get.


      Editorial  |  Contemporary  |  Modern  |  Dramatic  |  Fashion

      These are very stylised and posed. The intention is to produce dramatic, high-impact images with a strong aesthetic. They often require a lot of direction from the photographer and use many lighting techniques from the fashion industry including off camera flash which can take some set up time.

      You’re unlikely to get an entire wedding shot in this way but some couples love this style for their portraits and group shots.